I’m currently available for full-time, part-time, contract and freelance work!
Check my portfolio for more design examples:
◼︎ Basic Information
•Payments are via PayPal invoices only
•Commission starts once payment is made
•Additional characters AFTER 2 are half the price of the base price for 1
(for example $20 for 1 $40 for 2 or $50 for 3)
•Progress shots available upon request
•300dpi high resolution files provided as well as png for web purposes
•You will receive a high resolution copy of your image (300dpi and usually larger than 8.5 inches)
•Simple backgrounds can be added; please ask for more info
•You are NOT permitted to reprint your commission for profit in any way.
You are however allowed to print it out for personal use only.

◼︎ Subjects I’m Open To:
Anthro Characters
Art for pre-existing IP’s
Original Characters
Mild NSFW or gore (depending on your description)

◼︎ Subjects I won’t do:
Robotics/Mecha (depending on how detailed it may be, however)
NSFW Involving underage or non-consenting characters
◼︎ Terms of Service
Please take a second to read through my terms of service so that you understand fully what the regulations are in regards to my services:
◼︎ Commission Status Slots
View the list of commission slots I have and their status!
To find your personal slot # please refer back to your invoice notes. If you have any questions regarding your commission slot or commission status feel free to let me know!
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